January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Thank you for your assistance in 2016! I know it is awfully hard for lots of people (and furfriends) to help, but you won't believe how your gifts, kind words and prayers  lighten our hearts. They let me order the food and cat litter that are healthy (i LOVE cHEWEY). Quinnie has been so attentive and sweet to me through my illness (although no is still not in her vocabulary much but she IS a cat). actually trying to comfort me when she senses my pain radiating, or reminding me that we haven't eaten or I haven't taken my meds.
She loves her pink Tickle Pickle, but doesn't really play with toys much (except she has this sudden obsession with one of my land phone coils).
I have been really ill and dealing with a lot of people trying to ignore me or plain being annoying or rude. When I think people are finally helping me they "sign off" my case. Were they surprised when I finally reported one of the maintenance people here and fired someone who was supposedly "working my case" by telling me what to do instead of offering real solutions?
There are lots of bad stuff going on.all over the world. Christmas was very hard for a lot of people. No presents? No tree? I had to not watch the Christmas specials to survive.And Christmas is my very very favorite time of year! Imagine what natural disasters and war and poverty are doing to lives everywhere!
I hope this year brings us all a lot better healthy and happy life. We certainly have the love down pat in our little (growing) family on the internet.
Thank you all for being here. I hope this year I can get healthy. But I also want to remind you all that if you can't help financially with those of us who do need help please send your best wishes and your prayers. THEY are also very precious.

Peace and love for all of you,
and my sweet lady cat,

December 23, 2016

Wait! It's Still Christmas Time!

We are still together! And we are not happy missing all of you, but we do miss you. It has been exhausting trying to get Mommy to get better. Especially with Management around here hounding us every other day. If it isn't the bug spraying or the bedbug spraying or announcements about snow removal or remembering to keep your windows closed (as if we wanted 32 below zero winter in our homes), it is announcements about food trucks bringing fresh veggies (well, maybe not so fresh)  and remembering to lock your doors and hey we're still working on the outside of the building, sorry it's still so noisy, or watch for the wind when you use the outside doors or all the elevators are being worked on today or the water will be turned off til 4 or.... Enough! The announcements thingies in your apartments were for things like fires and the apocalypse coming!
And if you are already awake and up you have to hurry into the bedroom so you can hear the announcements. Yup. One speaker. And the outside noise? We have heard it for several months already!
Anyway, Mommy has been in the hospital a couple times. She has had several infections, lost a bunch of weight (really fast, which isn't good), had to delay her eye appointments (and is having problems with her eyes, too) and the surgery on her leg can't be done with all the infections and did I mention she had a concussion? The bills are mounting up, the building is just waiting to file an eviction (we already called a lawyer about that), Mommy has had something called OT and PT which helps, and we signed up for Meals on Wheels.
Those last items mentioned are good ones. The OT and PT are helping her balance. And the meals? Are they good?  Yes!!!! Even I get to taste the sauce or gravies (yes, no onions!) and we had some Delicious pudding the other day. Mommy says she  even likes the turkey meat loaf (with onions, darn it). She is eating healthy! Just like me!~
When she does get out it is only to the hospital or the doctor.  No eating out unless she is at the clinic. This week when she went they had butternut squash ravioli and veggies and then they gave her a free banana! Told you we eat healthy!
I spend a lot of my evening and night by her. She has been a little kitty cat. I keep telling her sleep is a good thing. And she's doing a lot of it, too.
Christmas, she loves Christmas. We don't have presents this year or anything, but at least she's feeling a little better. That's my present.
We'll try to look in for Christmas. If we don't, send good thoughts, and know that you all are in our hearts and prayers and we send lots of blessings for all!
Love ya,
Nurse Quinn

December 3, 2016


Hi. Mommy is still sick. We see a "pt" guy and a lady "ot" and people from "the building" who come in and bitch at us constantly about our cluttered apartment (why do we have more than one towel and one book? why do we need more than one kitchen chair?  why do we need more than 3 changes of clothes?) O, not the "ot" and "pt" peoples They are helping Mommy physically. But the manager and "caseworker" for the building ? Bitch. Our actual "Caseworker"? she insists she can only meets with us in the "community room" and doesn't really concern herself with what we actually need help with immediately. hey, this time Mommy got the lady's comments (rules) in writing and cancelled her period. Mommy IS not stupid. the company said she was on her way to see us (I HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN HER) and we said no WE WOULD NOT TALK TO HER. SHE HAS NEVER EVEN BEEN IN OUR HOME AND WE HAVE TO SEE HER IN A PUBLIC ROOM ( her rules). We talked to our senior services from our clinic and legal aid and got on meals on wheels. Now they have been a little screwy, but we are new to them and sometimes things get a little screwy when they are new.we  understand. They are very pleasant and the problems were fixed in a day.  And their food is better than the assisted living people get in the building!  we had a sample of that a few months ago. Mouses! Blaaaakkkk!
Now wheels on meals are not free, but I think if I can get nutritious food Mommy should too. If we could move out of here we would be happier, too. If we could get out of this nasty neighborhood where sirens and stabbing go on every day we would maybe feel a little safer. Someone want to set up a fund?
Mommy has a couple of surgeries coming up and we need some help.
Oops. gotta scoot. Mommy doesn't know about this post, so shhhhh.
love ya,

November 11, 2016

More bad stuff

Yes, we know. We have been missing again. We missed my gotcha day! But I have been very very busy with Mommy, so I really don't mind.
She had to go into the hospital last Friday with some major infections and the medicines they gave her she had a bad reaction to. I have spent a lot of time glued tightly to her side or sitting on the top of the pillow since she's home. I don't normally do that a lot, and never as tightly! I was! She's better, but she doesn't want to eat because of the meds (help, send pizza!--actually send creamy tomato microwave soup, which she says she's craving). I don't know about her doctors, but the paramedics are cute!
Anyway, while Mommy gets better we won't be on here a lot.
Send prayers, pizza (or some creamy tomato microwave soup)!
Mommy said I am being very sweet and loving to her.
I vote for the pizza ;)

November 7, 2016

Gotcha is coming!

MY   gotcha day is November 9th! I've had Mommy for 4 years.  That makes me around 5 years old!
And yes, brandi still comes and visits. She says to say hi to everfuryone.
Thank you to all who have been stopping by to read and comment through the years. More than 10! We all love you. And your own OTRB loved ones are happy and playing like you wouldn't believe. No sickies, only happy memories.  Just waiting for that joyous day when they all can be with you.
Quinnie and brandi and Mommy Carol of course.
You all are pretty cool family!

November 6, 2016

Not the good kind of excitement

Oh dear, oh dear. My mommy disappeared  and left me all alone. No food, no water. She left me! I was starving and so thirsty I almost didn't make it!
Not to worry, friends. She stayed over night at the people's hospital. She's already home! Seems she had some infections to clear up, including a kidney one. Now those are not fun.  They took lots of blood and gave her some IVs and gave her some pills to take at home. She had to promise to make an appointment with her vet in a week to check if the infections are gone.
Such drama around here! Anyway, once she was all settled she made sure I had food and water and scritchies. And my mommy was HOME. Including hospital smells.
{I really was gone overnight and  she had food and water, just no scritches. Is she a drama queen or what?-- Mommy}
Well, that's my exiting weekend so far. She slept like a good girl for several hours, made a little dinner and went back to bed. Well, at least she's home and I got some scritchies! And more crunchies and fresh water. I think I will get to watch over her this afternoon while she take a nap.
She BETTER take a nap. We all know sleep is a very good healer!
Love ya,
Ps. She had French toast there!

November 2, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Mommy is having something called P.T. this afternoon. Or P.T.  Assessment? Whatever. Then she is going to see some peoples to learn about de-cluttering on Friday.  Then on Monday she is going to see one of her caseworkers (a new one. She hasn't made up her mind whether she likes this one yet). Then it's a surgery consult, two more doctor pointments  and surgery. Hopefully it will be a minor surgery. We will let you know more as soon as we know.  We went downstairs for a couple of hours Tuesday. Our lovely manager said I could only be in the community room in my PTU on the floor.  Mouses! Really hard to get a good view of the street and all the cars and trucks and busses from the floor. NOT fair.
The maintenance guy she doesn't like was back Tuesday, insults and all. We do not like him. He is rude. At least this time he didn't say anything about Mommy having too much bread because she hid it in the fridge!
Hope you all had a safe Halloween and the ghosties and goblins were only nice ones!
love ya,
Remember, only Mommies get the chocolate from your trick or treat bags!


October 31, 2016

October 26, 2016

Mommy has fallen again (once on Saturday and once on Monday). She has a big bruise on her chin and several little bruises. The one on her chin looks like one of those plums that Mommy likes. Deep purple. So we haven't really been around for a few days. She hurt her shoulder and bruised the inside of her mouth. Mommy has a pointment with the doctor to check out why she still has a headache. Mommy is getting pretty disgusted with Medicare. They only grant people who can't walk the wheelchairs. If you fall constantly, well, that's what walkers are for.  This makes no sense to her, but is the way it is.  She can't afford to buy one, and that's the end  of that. It makes her fearful of leaving our home, and that is not good for anybody but me (scritchies and long brushies).
So that is why we haven't been doing Halloween pictures like we said we would. We're sorry. Here's a couple:

That's almost all we have. So we have the rest of the week covered. Oh and the little kitten on the pumpkin is one of our all time favorites (the ewok is cute too).
Now just in case you miss me, here is one of me. Invisible costume!
love ya all,

October 22, 2016

Royalty, if you please

Well, today we have Royalty visiting. Lovely costume, isn't it?

Bow to your King, Peasant!
Halloween can be elegant. Not everybody likes scary!

Peace and love,