September 28, 2016

Wednesday Wordy News

Mommy and I made it through yesterday. I got to see the Community Room! And watch the cars at what Mommy called "street level". It was fun! But coming back upstairs both Mommy and I were a little sick. I don't know if it was the spraying they did, but we both kinda threw up a bit.  And while I felt better Mommy didn't. She drank ginger ale, which she said is a home remedy, but it didn't really help too much. If she still feels crummy by bedtime I am going to make her see her own v-e-t.
As we were leaving our home yesterday the guy said something about our bread.  Last time they mentioned bread they said it was moldy and threw it out.  We guessed they had never seen oatmeal bread (ours has little oaties on the outside), but the bread was one day old and that meant we didn't have bread for quite a while.  This time she said it was only a couple of days old and it was perfectly fine. So the guy didn't throw it out. Thank goodness! Now, I don't eat the stuff, but she does, and she had just spent a week without bread waiting to place her grocery order. No bread, no crackers (well, we still don't have crackers, but I don't care) no peanut butter, Mommy was really hurting! Anyway, we now have peanut butter and bread. And Mommy's coffee came last night!
So Mommy is still not feeling well. And did you notice our letter color is black? It is supposed to be blue, but blogger refused to print the whole thing in blue (half of it was disappearing!) so we are black letters today. Mommy didn't feel like fighting with blogger or our computer.
That's it for your Wednesday Wordy News!
peace and love,

September 22, 2016

Thankful Thursday

 Finally! We have been having computer problems today. Yuck! Windows 10 did an hour long update and lost all of our sidebar gadgets. Mommy has been working all morning and part of the afternoon. We actually got a gadget for weather that works and our clock and calendar back!
We weren't on the puter last night because of the weather. For most of the evening we had lightning flashes and some hard rain. Now, I am not afraid of lightning flashs much, so I sat on my chair close to Mommy on her office chair and helped her be calm. [Mommy here. I love rainstorms!] It was important to stay off the puter. Even though we have a surge protector lightning can create problems for electronic things. And I think they "ground the building", whatever that means.  It is nice to not have the lights go out. Mommy said twice since we lived here and they were over in minutes. I think this place has a backup generator or something. 
Anyway, Mommy has errands to run tomorrow and she says some groceries are being delivered. She's not sure if she has monies for everything this month. [ Mommy here again. She hates loud thunder and rushes off to safety]
The grocery store doesn't have her coffee for some reason, so she ordered some from Amazon. She loves her Keurig and is down to only a couple pods for coffee and one light hot chocolate pod and a couple of tea  ones.
Please don't get between Mommies and their coffee! I have to wait till she has all her stuff for diabetes taken care of before her coffee. But while it's made and a little after she Furminates me and pets me. She says this will not  hurt her coffee, because it can cool down a bit before she drinks it.
(Shhh! I also whine till she makes sure I have foodies and water and brushes me. The diabetes stuff comes first though.)
Last night Mommy fell asleep on her office chair and woke up in the middle of the night and went to bed. I had to check her to make sure she was okay, and then we both went back to sleep. Me in my cat lounger/pillow/bed and her in the big bed. My bed (you've seen me sleeping in it) is at the foot of the big bed so I can keep an eye on her! I wont tell her that I was the one that woke her up. It's one of my duties to make sure she gets her sleep, and not in a chair!
 I bet she's thankful for getting to bed last night and getting some good rest!
I work hard to take care of her!
Please have a day filled with grace and love,

September 19, 2016

Pirate Day

For your pleasure, our baby Pirate makes a command appearance:
 And the latest pirate (even though we don't have a dog)

September 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Mommy says it is going to be cool a few days (windows open, a/c coolie thing is off now) and then it is going to be warm again. Hard to know how much fur to lose these days!
We are getting closer to when Mommy's check comes, but it still is a ways off. We have a Chewy order I think. And some of Mommy's medical supplies (the only ones we don't pay for--test strips for her intsulins). Anything else would have to wait. Will we ever get a pizza delivered again? Or a sammich? Or will we ever get to try the new salads you can get now from one of the pizza places? Or even get some fresh milk?
They made an announcement today that the police advised us to leave our front doors locked at all times.  Apparently there is someone trying door handles. Now I really wish we could move! Peoples here really don't have that much money laying around. But I bet it is all those pills peoples take.  The bad peoples think there are drugs they can sell.  Blood pressure pills? Intsulin? Whaaat?? I guess bad peoples will do anything to make monies and get what they can for themselves. Well, our door is locked and you can't have my catnip to get high on! Or sell! And Mommy needs her pills and her intsulins!
Too many bad things going on these days. We'll be grateful for our prayers! And for good peoples and anipals on the internets who like to pray too and maybe help others if they can.
Yup, those are some good things that are going on! That is totally a relief!! Since Lizzie left (our poodle neighbor) there aren't any woofies on this floor to bark at strangers!
love ya,

September 11, 2016

Today We Remember

From Our Blog
 September 11, 2012
9/11 Remembered
We Will Always Remember

 In our hearts, our souls,
the American Spirit
Cannot be Defeated.
God Bless America
and all her peoples,
including those who have given their lives.

"Let every Nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend or oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and success of liberty."
From J.F. Kennedy's inaugural address.
always love,
never hate,
Quinn and Mommy Carol


September 8, 2016

Thankful Thursday

We did it again. Forgot to blog.  I  didn't. Mommy got busy.  Anyway, today being Thursday (thankfully) we are getting sprayed for non-existent bugs. Oh, joy. Now they say I have to leave for 2 hours after they spray.

 Tomorrow is our inspection, and our neighbor friend has helped us out so we are just about ready.  Mommy said she didn't like standing on her head in the fridgermator--but dear readers, didn't see that. I don't think she could fit! She's lying! Laying. Lie-ing. She's a liar! Oh, for goodness sake what ever! She meant she cleaned it, I think. And we have tile floors, so no vacuuming!
Things are moved around and I am so glad I found my foodies and my water when all was done. And my bed(s) and my chair are in the same places, so that wasn't hard.

Tomorrow they BETTER PASS US! It is beautiful in here (and I am so glad the books are not in the middle of the living room floor for Mommy to trip on any more).
So maybe we will be done with this crap for a while. Although It is pretty nice in here....
I hope they like our home. I am celebrating already!
Love ya,

August 30, 2016

Tuxie Tuesday Today

We know, we did it again. Mommy has been busy. She had to pack up all her books for the heat treat, and now she's shelving them back up. That's going slowly because she doesn't want to "clutter" too much. Her eye appointment didn't go too well, either. Her left eye is fine, but the right one got "the needle treatment" again. We are going to be inspected once again in little over a week (remind you of Dezi, Raena, and Audra?). Seems like the new manager is inspection happy. We'll show her!
Mommy went to WallyWorld yesterday for her insulin, and came home with a bad tummy. So she didn't eat dinner and felt yucky most of the night. Today, so far, she is lots better. At least she didn't bring lots of stuff home we can't afford. All that came home with her was her medicine!
I am my adorable self, of course. One of the totes is still on the floor, almost full, and it is perfect for sitting on when Mommy is in the chair. I can sit next to her! We also have a bunch of books still on the floor waiting to be shelved. I only knocked a few over. Just a few!
And this plastic tubby thing with the cover on is great for napping. Hey, that sounds like a good idea.
See ya,
Love ya,

August 23, 2016

Tuxie Tuesday

Home again from appointment #1, Mommy checked the temp this afternoon here in the partment and it is 82 degrees Fahrenheit! That we can live with! She said they had lots of roads closed all over for construcktion and she got to go all over to get home on the Metro. She LOVES looking at houses, so she enjoyed it.  They dropped one gentleman off at a handicap place, and she said it was so perfect! No stairs.Electronic card to get in. That's the kind of place she wishes we could have! She said the outside was very pretty. We probably can't afford some place like that.
The heat treat is over for us. No bugs, supposedly. That's what it is for. She saw the ropes or hoses or whatever last week in the next floor up, so she pretty much said we are next. They do that so the bugs don't run away from one partment to another. She says one up, one down, left and right. They all get treated so the nasty bedbugs and roaches and stuff get dead! We certainly don't want them!
So Mommy has to go to the eye doctor tomorrow probably for more needles in her eyes. If so, she will not be able to get on line or watch tv or read, so she will take a LONNNNGGGGG nap til the next day.
Mommy really wants a new place to live, but we can't afford to move. So sometimes when she gets home from somewhere she is sad because she saw lots of pretty homes. Today she was just entertained. Whew!
Oh! Mommy found my foodie bowl.  On the pantry floor!
love ya,
Tuxies RULE!

August 22, 2016

Heat Wave

Mommy's off again tomorrow. We had our heat treat today. I got lots of compliments!!!
We sat across from the elevators all day. Alllll day! The battery in Mommy's book actually died! I sat in my little PTU nicely and sweetly and loved the sweet words I got.  I even got some sweet sniffs from a couple of nice woofies!! There's a nice long-haired dachshund in our building that I got to meet!
When we got up here Mommy wouldn't let me out of my PTU until she made sure I had water to drink and she turned the fans AND the a/c on! The temperature on one of the fans wouldn't even register what it was! Right now it is 91 degrees Fahrenheit! A few hours later! My water dish (which is metal) needed ice cubes!! And the nice people dumped my crunchies on the floor and we can't find the dish. WTC! *translate that What the Cod* I hit the ladies litterbox first! Then I worried about the water.Then the crunchies. And Mommy has to get at least one new bowl (the one for crunchies). Now I am stuck with the plastic stuff from the cupboard! I do have a pretty bowl for wet foodies, though. They didn't lose that because Mommy didn't have it out this morning!
Oh,  and the pantry and closet doors were left open, so she made sure to close those right away. Party-you-know-whater!
Anyway, Mommy is gone the next couple of days for doctor appointments And then she has to go to WallyWorld for her intsulins. And a neighbor is coming Thursday afternoon to help us put books away on the shelves she can't reach. Would you believe one came this morning VERY early to get them down? Now they all have to go up again. A good thing Mommy is what's called (I think) a bibliophile and she used to work in a library once upon a time!
Did I say they made Mommy take her books down out of the shelves? Yup. Lots of plastic totes to play on!! And Mommy didn't even yell!!! (well, she did yell when I went up on the table, but still, I was mostly good)!!
Anyway, I will try to get Mommy to let me check in the next few days. Cross your paws! And it will finally cool down in here soon!
love ya,
(the STAR of the lobby!)

August 15, 2016


Mommy came back from the evaluation and Medicare turned her down for the wheelchair. She CAN get a manual one, but has to pay for it by herself. Which she can't do. She doesn't have money for that.
After 3 and a half months waiting they told her if she can make it to the evaluation with her walker under her own power she doesn't need a chair. Even though she has Arthur-it is. Even though she falls a lot.
She is kinda upset right now, so I have to play nursie. Thought you all would like to know the results.